The stare…

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Perhaps the creepiest thing about this weird behavior is the stare immediately after they are done. It’s like their brain has to reset or something. Here is a picture I snapped a few nights ago. I was turning onto Hwy 341 and I saw this guy standing near his truck, doing the stare. When these people accomplish what they are trying to do the stare follows for 1-2 minutes, then they go right back to normal. They always stare straight up into the sky. I don’t know what this guy accomplished, nor did I intend to stop to find out. We are quickly learning that the less contact you have with these people the better off you are. Judging by where he was it was nothing serious. So far the people that have exhibited this behavior really havn’t been too bad.



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Created this blog last week and only got as far as the intro. Been trying to decide exactly how to go about doing this blog. I just don’t want to get myself caught up in something that I can’t handle.

This first incident I had with dealing with this strange behavior was about 4 months ago out on Crawford Rd. I’ve decided to withhold actual names or house numbers for now.

Anyways, the call came out as a 911 hangup. Dispatch advised that a lady called screaming about someone being missing then hung up the phone. When we got there we met a lady on the front porch screaming BOOTSIE!

Ok, no biggie, lady has lost her cat, not a good reason to call 911 but whatever. We tried talking to her and that’s when it got strange.

We started with the typical “Ma’am can we help you?”. She kept screaming out for bootsie. No matter what we said she completely ignored us and just kept screaming. After about 2 minutes she went back inside the house

We followed her in to see her calling 911 again screaming for Bootsie, then hanging up. She walked back outside on the porch and started the process over. As soon as we got back on turn porch a black Jeep Cherokee pulled up. A guy, probably in his 30s came running up and apologized,saying his mother was ill. I tried getting his name but he rushes up to help the lady inside saying “I’m sorry officer I gotta get her her meds”.

And that was it. I shrugged it off as just a mentally ill woman.


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Guess I should do a short intro. I’m from a small town in Georgia. Barnesville is usually a quiet town. There’s not much here. Every year we have something we call “Buggy Days”. See, at one time Barnesville was the “Buggy Capital of the World”. Sometimes I feel that Barnesville is still stuck in those days.

We also have Gordon College. Known for its nursing degrees, Gordon College brings thousands of students into the small town during the semesters, most of which are only here because of the college. Once they are done with class, they leave. Leaving the small, quiet community behind.

Now, this isn’t to say that the community is always quiet. No doubt it has its same problems as every other community. If I recall there were two murders in the same year…last year I think. Ok, so maybe those of you that live in large communities are thinking two murders is nothing. Well here it is something. Which is why the sudden “change” in people here has me concerned.

Oh, I’m also a cop. I’ll wait as some of you close the window out and move on to another blog. Well anyways, with me being a cop I get to see these changes close up. Most of the times, what I see never makes it out into public. See, if the public knew what was happening it may cause panic…mass panic. This is why I’ve started a blog. I think people need to know whats happening, and whats coming. I’m sure that whatever is happening, isn’t going to stop here.

Anyways, its late. I’ve already done my check around the house for the night. The fence should hold up, at least for a little while longer. I’m thinking it’s large animals that keep running into it. I’ll add more to the blog later.